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This vehicle fleet management program will enable you to record, manage and consult all information concerning your vehicle fleet quickly and efficiently. It is designed not just for large transport firms, but service companies and businesses, too. Whether you have a fleet of 3 or 1000 vehicles to look after, we have the solution to meet your expectations. Do you want to track your car if it is stolen or driven by others? Do you want to control your car remotely? Do you want to manage fleet of vehicles from anywhere in the world? Where and when your drivers have gone? At what speed they are driving?.etc. Choose our GPS car trackers and live tracking service solution, all these concerns can be solved for you easily. Install a GPS car tracker into car with local SIM card, and via solution FMS service, help you easily set up your tracking platform with your company information at low cost in 3 minutes. After configuring car trackers to report GPS data to platform by GPRS service, you can live track your cars online, manage and control them like speed, geo-fences, cutting off oil, history routines playback, activities reports, alarm handling and make tracker alert locale to scare car thieves. You can manage all your clients working on your platform by assigning different permissions to them.