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Fathsoft is a leading provider in Morocco of software application for bookkeeping, pos system, warehouse and production management. Fathsoft provide special solution for medical scientist and pharmacist.

We also offers a powerful set of fleetmanagement with accurate fuel level measerement and real time camera control .

We can identify and parametrize your needs and We are very flexible to develop bespoke concepts solution for you.


Fathsoft is a provider of innovative, integrated fleet management & GPS trackings solutions

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PLC Controls/Electric Cabinets.

The total automation of complete production lines is one of our main occupations

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  • Point of sale system.

    We provide POS application packed with multitude of features. Itís easy to use intuitive user interface and can be operated using a touch screen.

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  • Security.

    Using your webcams, IP/CCTV cameras and microphones, Fathsoft provides security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting services.

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  • Hardware development.

    From the idea to the product ready for series production, we develop microcontroller-based systems for you.

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